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The bike today

The bike has now done almost 5000 km, 2500 of those in 2006 and 1500 in 2007 so far - all in all a good season.

Its now fitted with Schwalbe Racing Ralph tyres, they seem to have less rolling and wind resistance - giving a measurable speed advantage over the other tyres I have used. the down side is that they are less durable and more prone to punctures than the Bontrager tyres. Speeds of up to 70 kmph is easily achieved down the mountains.





Spare parts

Nishiki bikes are not sold in Greece, I have imported mine from Denmark. This has proven to be a problem when spare parts are needed. Like the geardrop that holds the rear shifter - the original aluminum thing broke after some sllight impact with the road -don't know how that happend - I didn't fall of my bike - I swear.

Anyway a new one wasn't available, luckily we have a big workshop and some skilled guys at the plant, George the greek fixed me a new one in steel - it won't break.

George also made my day when he supplied me a new crank bearing.


New wheels

Picture from May 2006. Just fitted the new Bontrager Earl rims with the offset spokes, mounted with Bontrager Jonesy tyres.

The wheels greatly improved the handling of the bike specially off-road and during cornering.

The Bontrager wheels were great at cornering on tarmac, unfortuneately the grip started to decline already after 500km and the rear tyre was worn out at 1000km.

I replaced the brake pads front and rear at the same time, the rears were worn totally out after 1500km. My dealer told me that the pads would last forever - I guess he didn't take into account Cretan mountains with switchback turns - the brakes are almost red hot after a downhill ride from the top.


As bought

This picture from July 2005 shows the bike with all the safety devices (dual yellow markers in each wheel, front and rear marker and bell). The Yellow markers in the spokes flew off one by one when the speed down the mountain exceeded 60 Kmph.

The bike is only a few months old, still has the original Nishiki tyres mounted on the original Linus 21 rims from Alexrims. Unfortuneately the rims proved to be too flimsy despite their double walled 606IH-T6 aluminum.

Quite a few replaced spokes in the rear rim were replaced and finally after approx. 1500km I replaced the wheels with the much sturdier Bontrager Earls.



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