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Well finally out of paint prison and back on the road - sort of anyway - still a "few minor" issues to deal with. Fer and I took our Camaros out for a tour for the first time in years, we were like children at the candy store so in high spirits and at high speeds (host host) we were off. First corner and the left over tools from the workshop was thrown off from various areas of the car...hhmmmmmrrf.

Of course we were expecting trouble, and trouble was what we got, here is the story.

Any good road trip starts with a stop a the gas station for gas, lots and lots of gas, we must have been quite optimistic at this point because we both filled up the tanks and didn't buy any beer to cool us down while waiting on the side of the road, hey WHY would we be waiting on the side of the road anyway........ We were READY for a good long trip.

Aaaah the open road, the view through the soft ray tinted glass over the Super Sport (Esufer Esfort in local dialect) louvres on the wide hood (69 Yeah Baby), kinda reminds you of a bygone era where cars had muscle and soul and Jimi Hendrix was playing Purple Haze on the AM radios, no time for day dreaming here though - its full speed ahead (still) and the all original 300hp SS has a hard time keeping up with Mr. Bigblock ahead, obviously the engine hadn't been tuned in years and was misfiring at full throttle.

Just a few hundred meters later.............................

..............whats all this then, has Mr. Bigblock fulled over to led the real Camaro (69 yeah baby) take the lead, no the wing windowed bigblock is in trouble, big big big trouble.

I wasn't soon to realize that it was an electrical problem, so I quickly handed it over to the head of that defartment, here is where the expertise you get at Joe's Garage is really paying off (do I hear someone whistling or playing the violyn), anyways here is the proud owner discovering new things about his Camaro "where is that wire going, why do we need this ignition module". Well it also soon became clear that the problem couldn't be solved easily so we were back to the gas station in the remaining Camaro (69 Yeah Baby) for cold San Miquels, which we forgot in the first place, silly silly.

A 6 pack later and reinforcement arrived in forms of Tore in his truck, a towing rope was produced from a nearby workshop and we started towing Fers wingwindowed Camaro back for repairs.


Fer your Camaro never ran this smooth before, not even the time it was equipped with 2nd hand Jeepney pistons.


Meanwhile I was still happily playing in my Camaro (69 yeah baby), after all it was a test drive so I tested the hell out of the car, all great fun...........................................while it lasted.


Well Jessie sort of warned about my right front tyre not being quite up to par anymore, and he had enough of a hunch to give me a spare tyre in the back juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust in case........................

Here is where the laughing and the fun stops, right here, luckily I was only doing like 20mph when the tire blew. So keepin all cool calm and collected I fulled over a bit. I'm simply amazed about the high tech equipment these cars had from the factory in 69, such as light pole style jack..... anyways got the tire changed with a brand new (69 Yeah baby) diagonal previously served on a Jeepney on Fields Avenue spare tire - well it got me home.

4 new tires has been ordered, more to follow soon, don't miss it..............................................

........................................stay tuned for more hilarious action