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         2008 Sep. Clark 67 & 69 Camaro

         2009 Jan. Kiwi 68 & 69 Camaro

         2009 Jun. Subic 79 Blazer

         2009 Sep. Clark 69 Camaro & Elcamino

                           2009 Oct. Fields Ave 67 & 69 Camaro

         2009 Nov. Subic 67 & 69 Camaro



A trip to John Rizya's shop October 2009

Fer and I wanted to visit John Rizya shop, I wanted to take a look at Marcus nice 67 RS Yutivo Camaro and Fer joined in, as it is always nice to have a chat we old John - and a couple of refreshments.

Fers very nice 67 Camaro parked outside John's shop.

Pictures from John's shop coming here


Fers very nice 67 Camaro parked in Perimeter Road - with the hood up - could he possibly have a mechanical problem, I seriously doubt it, because that has never happened before ;o)


Its starting to look more and more like a mechanical problem.



Broken brake pipe to front left wheel left the Camaro stranded with no brakes, luckily we could sit down at Brass Knob for refreshments while waiting for back up.


Typical view of the "street life", trikes, mopeds, owners jeeps and street vendors with their mobile "offices"



View of Fields Avenue from Hans's Yellow 68 Camaro