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         2008 Sep. Clark 67 & 69 Camaro

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         2009 Nov. Subic 67 Chevelle & 69 Camaro

                     2010 Feb. Subic 67, 68, 69 & 70 Camaro, part 2

Subic roundtrip February 2010

A plan was hatched to do a Camaro only cruise from Angeles to Subic, participants would be CEO Joe in his 67 Shaken Not Stirred Troublemaker, Sloffy Joe in his yellow chicken 68, me in my 69 Mindamaro and Steve in his No. 11 Mad Max 1970 Camaro. Starting point would be The Screaming Eagle Cafe on Perimeter road, but first we had to get the cars out of the garage. The CEO and me prepared all tools, parts and fluids that might come in handy on such a long trip, while Sloppy Joe aka Hans showed up in his flip flops not having tested his car recently or even had it started for over a month. Fer and I was deeply worried that the chicken Camaro would have a flat battery or some other weird problem, however we needed not worry as the car fired right up in first attempt.


Only three cars assembled at the Cafe, the 70 Camaro is missing, unfortunately Steve's otherwise ever so reliable car decided it did not want to go anywhere this morning. We decided to wait around for a bit to give him the chance to fix his car and join the cruise.

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As always first stop is to top of with I-gas, always good to have gas for the roundtrip. The I-Ceo on the I-phone with oldschool- Steve asking about progress on his repairs. Steve's Camaro has I-ignition problems, but he is working on it and will catch up with us later once he gets in running. We know he will, Steve never gives up and is the master of tricks and repairs on the old american muscle cars. Cruising speed is briefly discussed, low gear ratio cars (high numerical) will be at the front, and as usual the 69 will round up the rear as it is the fastest cruiser in its stock trim.


Onto the expressway and off again as it turned out to be the wrong one, however we are not Peter H. and therefore we discovered the mistake BEFORE we got to Manila....... Anyways soon on the right track and passing Perimeter road just a few meters from where we were sitting moments ago waiting for Steve.



Yesterday, all the trouble seemed so far away........


No trip without any incidents, Fer's 67 started sputtering and finally gave up with two huge bangs and shooting fire out the exhaust pipes. The CEO was out of the car in seconds thinking he was on fire from a burned battery cable, opened the trunk and disconnected the battery. It turned out to be more simple, some dirt in the gas had entered the sensitive Holley Double Pumper carburetor. So after some carb cleaning spray (everyone has that, specially if you have a Holley) and a bit of cooling down we were off again.



Anyhow we were soon back on the road although the 67 seemed to sputter a bit, wonder how long it would hold up...

Whats all this then..........

 As it turned out we didn't get very far before the 67 gave up again. Ignition power and spark was tested, all good. The carburetor was cleaned with carb cleaner again and engine allowed to cool a bit, then it fired right up again. However the SCTEX highway patrol was on the "scene" within minutes (they must have been stalking us, since last break down), they immediately blocked off one lane and diverted traffic around - which was mighty nice of them. All they asked for was for the CEO to sign their incident report.

A short while later we were off................again




Passing through Barrio Barretto in formation 67, 68, 69 and Steves 70 rounding up the rear.