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Diving Camiguin

Katibawasan falls
Big Game fishing
Mantigue Island
White Island

 Camiguin Camaro
Beautiful Sunsets
Camiguin Camaro II

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Camiguin Island

Diving Camiguin Island

Breattaking sunsets, crystal clear water, fresh air, great views and awesome scenary - Camiguin Island has it all. Lots of activities, like diving, mountain biking, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and water sports.
We have visited the quiet Island several times and will be coming back again for sure.

Camiguin offers some of the best diving in the Philippines. Here is walls, Old Vulcanos, Shoals, slopes, sanctuarys, canyons, drift dives, makro photograhy, even suncen cemetarys - Camiguin has it all - check out the "Diving Camiguin" site or the "Top Ten Divespots" site.


Water Falls

Katibawasan Falls at 75 meters is the crown jewel of numerous Camiguin waterfalls. Enjoy the magnificent mountain setting as you wade in its glory. Tuasan Falls and Binangawan (Rainbow) Falls also top our list of must-see for the cross-island adventurer.

Big Game Fishing

Camiguin Island is surrounded by the Bohol Sea to the North and the Mindanao Sea to the South. Numerous islands, coral reefs, shoals and bays are home to an amazing variety of marine life to be enjoyed by all levels of divers and day trippers. Whale Sharks make their annual journey to nearby Gingoog Bay - an experience, if at all possible, not to be missed.

Mantigue Island

Located 1 - 2 hr boatride from Camiguin Island. This small island with its beautiful white sandy beaches offers a relaxing day trip and on top of that has some of the best diving spots in the Camiguin area.



White Island

Nearby White Island is also accessible by banca boat. The Island is formed by dead corals and it has shaped the island into a pure white sandy C-shaped beach 5 minutes off Yumbing. 


Camiguin Camaro trips

The 69 SS Camaro has been on Camigiun Island on a couple of occasions. Its a nice place to drive a classic V8 due to the cool weather, good roads and not to much traffic.

Beauiful Sunsets

Click to see some spectacular scenery from the beautiful sunsets on the island of Camiguin.



Secret Cove Camiguin

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Diving Camiguin Island


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