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Crete Island  


Sitia town

Sitia is a small town situated on the north eastern part of Crete. The town has its own airport with two weekly connections to Athens, its own Ferry port with connections to Athens and other places. The Marina and fishermens port is full of local colourful fishing boats, There is a beach just next to the Marina with a sandy stretch of about 2 km.

This is where we presently live.

Atherinolakkos Power Plant

The Atherinolakkos power plant stage 1 was commissioned in 2004, just in time for the 2004 Olympics in Greece. Currently 102MW, but stage two of additional 100MW (2x50MW steam turbines) is under construction and will be operational by late 2007. When Atherinolakkos power plant is fully completed in three stages, the plant output will exceed 300 MW.

Stage 1 is two 51200Kw 12K90MC-S Mitsui MAN B&W 2 stroke diesel engines.

Mountain biking Crete

Read about my latest idea: Mountain biking in the olive plantations of the Cretan Mountains around Sitia.
Crete Island is a mountainous area, the highest point is 2456 meters above sea level, I guess that is why I don't see many cyclists on the Island.

The mountains surrounding Sitia rises to more than 800 meter above sea level and offers many great mountain roads or off roads through the abundant olive plantations, these roads have very little traffic and are ideal for mountain biking.

The Bike

Nishiki Maniac XC Race, 21"

Shimano Deore LX 27 gears, Deore hydraulic disc brakes (a must have on the steep down hill sections), FSA gamma drive crank, SPD pedals, Bontrager Earl wheels with offset spokes mounted with Schwalbe Racing Ralph tyres.
Adjustable front fork with lock position (good for those long uphill struggles). I only use the front suspension on down hill tracks on rough roads in the olive plantations - as soon as its tarmac I lock the front suspension.


Athens, The Acropolis, Parthenon

The Greek civilization from 3000 B.C. is the cradle for the modern world, and what better place to start than at the Acropolis hill in Athens at the world famous Parthenon temple. This is supposedly the most photographed building in the world - anyway here are my few shots.



Cretan Weather

We all know Crete is the sunniest place in Europe and that there for months at the time falls no rain at all, however it can get cold and nasty during the winter, with subzero temperatures, snow and strong winds. Another climatic condition happens when sandstorms in Africa turns the sky red with dust from the Sahara dessert - if it happens to rain during these conditions everything will be plastered in red mud.

Check out these few weather shots.

Crete Map, Sitia & Atherinolakkos location

Its hard to find the small town of Sitia on the world maps, likewise with the Atherinolakkos Site - the latter simply because in many maps the road leading to the site has not yet been included. The road to the site was completed in 2003.

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