Camiguin Island,

White Island,

Mantigui Island.

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   Images from Camiguin Dive sites. Click on images for large version.

Small small shrimps shot at White Island


Other Small shrimps shot at White Island


A much bigger shrimp, the Manti Shrimp, with its 180 degree vision they are very hard to approach. Picture from White Island.

One mean looking and very good disquised fish - the stone fish, picture taken at White Island

Spot the fish show again or rather spot the fishes, here are two very nice frog fish - I'll give you a clue they are black with white kind of areas on them. Picture from White Island.

Small reef fish and hard cabbage corals at Mantigui Is.

A very nice shot of a nudibranch with a cone shell at the back in the left side - the cone shell is one of the most dangerous creatures in the sea - their poison will kill you in minutes.

School of Big Eye Trevalleys, sanctuary Mantigui Island

A very nice Hawksbill turtle, look at the beauty of its shell, this one we caught sleeping in the daytime with only its head hidden in a coral at White Island.

  Another nudibranch, this one shot at Jigdup Reef near 

  Mantigui Island. Jigdup is a wall dive and is famous for  

  its strong currents

A couple of beatiful nudibranches captured at Old Vulcano

A white pipefish in an anemone captured at Old vulcano






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