69 Pace


 The Cars     

     1967 - 1969 Factory colours


           TR 779  Turquoise costum bucket

     1967 - 1969 Engines



1967 Tahoe Turquoise RS L30M20 w/ turqouise custom interior



1967  Turquoise costum bucket TR 779 Camaro Interiors.



1967 RS 327 L30M20 275hp

 4 speed, Tahoe Turquuoise exterior w/ turquoise interior. Appearance group including bumper guards, floor mats, and door edge guards SS hood added, spoilers added, console w/ gauges, Rally wheels, AM radio, Tinted windshield, aircon. (above 640x480 links approx. 80kb, below large versions approx 600 - 900 kb)


1967 Ermine White base coupe w/ Turquoise costum interior, 8 track player


1967 w/ turquoise interiors below





The Camaros