1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 L48/M20


Original SS L48/M20 model with matching numbers 350/300hp V8 engine.

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 1969 Triple Green


Original true SS model with original matching numbers L48HA V8 engine.

I have taken the most important information on the numbers on this SS 350, however I have left the 3 last digits in the VIN and bodynumber blank, something I feel is necessary with all the fraud and scamming on the internet.

Press the small flag on the left to see pictures of the numbers, tags, VIN etc.

Body VIN 124379L523xxx Build third week of february, 1969
Engine Number 19L523xxx  T0109HA Build January 9, 1969
Transmission Number 19L523xxx  P9A23A Build January 23, 1969 Muncie M20 wideratio
Engine block no. 3932388, cast date A 7 9 Cast January 7, 1969
Rearend casting A219 January 21, 1969
Rearend assembly date 0206G1 February 6, 1969
Rearend ring and pinion gears 13 43 (3.31:1)  1 69 January, 1969
Cylinder Heads 3947041 cast date L 30 8 December 30, 1968
Intake manifold 3927184  cast date L 21 8 December 21, 1968
  Soft Ray tinted glass All January 1969
  Seat Belts All (Irvin 1-A-69) January 1969

How Decode your 1st Gen. Camaro

1st generation Camaros (1967 - 1969) can be very hard to determine what the car originally was, the only thing the VIN number will tell you is basically what factory the car left, if it was a coupe or convertible and if it was a straight 6 or a V8 model. There are no original records from GM to help decode the cars, except for the Canadian sold Camaros. In Canada original documentation can be obtained through GM.

Documentation available on the cars where:

                   - Dealer invoice
                   - POP (Protect-o-plate) delivered with the car to the first owner
                   - Window sticker
                   - Buildsheet (Van Nuys cars only and on top of gastank)

If you don't have any of the above, then there is only the clues on the car to go after, if you are lucky to have the original drivetrain (engine, transmission and rear end) then it is easy to determine what you have. Now if you DON'T have that, then you will likely never know what your Camaro originally was. The trimtag in the engine bay behind the brake booster will provide you with some information and for the 67 models to a certain degree also what engine the car came with originally.
The 68 tags will tell you nothing more that production date, colour and interior combo.
69 tags are devided into "early and late" groups, the early Van Nuys (Los Angeles) Camaros had a VN code on the trim tag, earlier part of 69 Van Nuys cars received a LOS (for Los Angeles) code on the trim tag. Norwood (Cincianatti Ohio) build cars received a NOR stamp throughout the production year and started getting X codes (X-11, X-22, X-33, X-44, X-55, X-66 and X-77) in the second week of December 1968 (12B build dates). The early Norwood cars has no X-codes on the trim tag.

1969 Camaro production year ran from August 1968 and all the way to November 1969, due to the delayed presentation of the completely new 2nd generation 1970 model. Click HERE to see a 1969 presented by GM as a 1970 Camaro

As there is no X-code on the trim tag on Van Nuys Camaros you have to rely on other clues to verify if it is a true SS - in many cases it can only be verified what the car originally was if it still retains its original engine - that goes for most 67 - 69 Camaros. If you own a Van Nuys Camaro you might be lucky to find your cars buildsheet on top of the gastank (driver side), See my buildsheet HERE. In this case its very easy as it has the HA code engine that matches the cars VIN, only SS Camaros received the HA engine.

My Van Nuys SS 350 Camaro

 I don't have any of the above mentioned original documentation. I found the remains of the buildsheet - that didn't help me as it was eaten away over the years and was unreadable, Click HERE to see the buildsheet on my Lemans Blue 69 SS. Luckily the car retains its original drivetrain. The build date codes on the drivetrain components matches the chassis AND a portion of the chassis VIN is found on the engine and the transmission (last 6 digits of VIN) = #matching.

 The engine is a HA code which is the SS 350/300 for manuel transmission, in this case the 4 speed Muncie M20 wide range. As the car is an original 4-speed car the speedometer cable routes through the firewall differently from an automatic car - this is a good clue when you have to determine wether or not a car is a true 4 speed.

 The engine is a 4 bolt main block with 5 main bearings, bore is 4" and stroke 3.48" giving a displacement of 350cui (5735ccm).
 The engine has the original cylinder heads with the 3947041 casting, distributor, exhaust and intake (casting 3927184) manifolds. The Rochester 4 barrel carburator and alternator have been changed over the years, but I might get lucky to find replacements and maybe even with correct date codes.

 The rearend is a BM code which is 3.31:1 open gear, it makes the car accelerate easily from 20mph in 4. gear and to the top of speedometer without sacrificing the cars highway ability, the cars topspeed was published to be 125mph (201kph).


Thanks to Camaro Research Group CRG and Team Camaro in helping me verifying the numbers on the car.



The engine is totally stock and original and as mentioned retains the original heads, intake manifold, air cleaner, Rochester carburator, points distributer, pitons, camshaft, exhaust manifolds etc. Even the original GM (GF 432) fuel filter (with GM gas rubber hoses) and vapour return line is still there. All 1969 SS 350 (and SS 396 with L34 and L35 and the non-SS L30 350/255hp) came with that fuel filter setup and two fuel lines and this SS still has it all.

The engine is coupled to a 4 on the floor M20 Muncie transmission with the standard equipped Hurst competition shifter. The reverse lock on the steering coloumb works just fine, this little gimmick is something the GM engineers must have thought over alot. It works in this way, in order to lock the steering coloum the cars transmission has to be put in reverse, however the ignition key can be removed from a non-locking position (independent of the transmission position). From this non-locking position the car can be started without the ignition key.


VIN Info

1969 Chevrolet Camaro V8 Coupe

Build in Los Angeles


Trim Tag Info

1969 Camaro Coupe

Build at Van Nuys plant in LA

Costum Black Interior

Lemans Blue w/ Parchment vinyl top

Build Third week of Feb. 1969 on the "K"-day = Tuesday, February 18


Hidden partial VIN

under cowl matches cars VIN, the other hidden partial VIN under the heater box also matches the cars VIN.



Engine pad info

1969 "Camaro" engine with VIN number

Build January 9. 1969 in Tonawanda

HA code = SS 350 engine for 4 speed

manual transmission.

Rated at 300bhp @ 4800rpm

Torque: 380lbs/ft @ 3200rpm


Block Casting



Block Casting date

A 7 9

January 7, 1969




Transmission info

1969 "Camaro" transmission with VIN number

Build January 23. 1969

A code = M20 Muncie Wide range

 4 speed.


12 bolt rearaxle info

A 21 9 =

Cast January 21st 1969

BM code = "Camaro" open gear (non-posi) 3.31 ratio

0206G1 =

 Assembled February 6 (1969) on the first shift.


Cylinder head info

Casting 3947041

"SS 350" heads with 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust valves, 58cc chambers giving a compression ratio of 10.5:1, straight plugs.

 Cast December 30, 1968.

I have only posted picture of the passenger side head, but since both heads have the same casting date I didn't find it necessary to post both.



Ring and Pinion info

Original GM

Ratio 13 43 = 3.31:1 (BM code)

Open gear (non-posi)

1 69 = fabricated January 1969



Intake Manifold date

L 21 8 =

cast December 21 1968



Dimensions and Drivetrain

Wheelbase  108.1 in 274.57 cm  
Track F: 59,0 in / R: 58,9 in F: 149,86  / R: 149,61 cm  
Lenght 186,0 in 472,42 cm  
Width 74,0 in 187,96 cm  
Height 51,0 in 129,54 cm  
Ground clearance 5,0 in 12,70 cm  
Curb weight 3269 lbs 1485 kg  
Test weight (Car Life) 3714 lbs 1685 kg  
Weight distribution, F/R 57,0/43,0 %    
Lbs/bhp (test weight) 12,6    
Battery capacity 12 volts, 61 amp/hr    
Altenator capacity 444 watts    
Fuel Capacity 18,5 gal 70,0 liter  
Oil capacity 5,0 gts    
Water capacity 15,0 qts    




Click on thumbnails for larger pictures and short description.


RPO (Regular Production Options) Details

RPO 12437 Camaro V8 Sport coupe includes center dome light, embossed head lining, color keyed coat hooks and front shoulder belts.

RPO Z27 SS, Super Sport Package: included special engine, dual exhaust, springs, tires, clutch, radiator, transmission, axle and u-joints, starting motor, hood, badging and stripes (on 396 also special ball joints, front springs, shocks and engine mounts).

RPO Z21 Exterior Style Trim Group: bright belt mouldings, bright wheel opening moldings, bright drip mouldings (coupe).

RPO Z 23 Special interior, bright pedal trim, special steering wheel (woodgrain accent), woodgrain dash moulding and dash assist handle (included in Z 87).

RPO Z 87 Custom interior package, special seats and sidewall trim, molded door panels with built-in armrests, pull-type door opening handles, carpeted lower door panel, glove compartment light, hood insulation, molded luggage (trunk mat), added body insulation, woodgrain dash molding, bright pedal trim, dash assist handle, special steering wheel (woodgrain accent).

See all RPO's on my SS here



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