69 Pace


 The Cars

     1967 - 1969 Paint schemes

     1967 paint chart 

     1968 paint chart 

     1969 paint chart 


 1967 Butternut Yellow SS, black bumble bee and vinyl roof.                                           

1967 Butternut Yellow Camaros.


1967 Butternut Yellow SS/RS 396/325hp, magstyle hubcaps





1967 Butternut yellow RS, black vinyl top and pins tripe



1967 Butternut Yellow base coupe, Yellow costum interior




1967 Butternut yellow 327 convertible, black bumble bee stripe.


1967 Butternut yellow Yenko 427


1967 Butternut Yellow SS 396/325hp, black bumble bee and vinyl roof. Black deluxe int. Spoilers added



1967 Butternut yellow 327/210 convertible


1967 Butternut yellow 327/210 convertible, black top and bumble bee stripe. Colomb shift, black standard int.


Two Butternut Yellow Camaros




The Camaros