69 Pace


 The Cars

     1967 - 1969 Paint schemes

     1967 paint chart 

     1968 paint chart 

     1969 paint chart 


 1969 Burnished brown SS, white D90 stripe and black vinyl top.                                          


1969 Burnished Brown Camaros.


1969 427/425 horsepower 4-speed factory built in Norwood, OH. This is rare double Copo code #9561. Sports car conversion package copo code #9737 with D/80 spoiler package. This car has been meticulously painted to its factory color which is the rarest color of all Copos. Burnished brown.



1969 Burnished Brown Yenko 427, black Yenko stripes


1969 Burnished Brown SS, white stripe, black vinyl top



1969 Burnished Brown RS 327, SS hood, aftermarket wheels



1969 Burnished Brown Copo RS, black vinyl roof, white d96 stripe, dog dish, endura bumper


1969 Burnished Brown SS 396, L78 375 hp

The Camaros