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1968 Camaro

This 68 Camaro has been in the hands of the scandahoolingans for more than 25 years and counting. It has had several weird looks along the way, but it has always been yellow and is generally known simply as "The Yellow". The car was originally Butternut Yellow with a 327 cui engine, but that wasn't enough..................

1977 Nova

1977 Chevy Nova which originally sported a 305cui with an anemic output of 150hp. Somewhere along the line in the history of this Nova the 305 was swapped to a two-barrel 307cui V8, this coupled to a 2.56 super highway rear end made the car quite a slug. Being a racer.........


Garage Power

Garage power is our own little private racing team, it consists of several members each with their own cars. Our objective is not only to go fast (as some members still have to take their cars to the track), but also to have fun. Most active member is 69 years old...........

Touring Zee Piliffines

Traffic in the Philippines is always a challenge in an old american V8, therefore we try to find places suitable to take our cars for a spin, we sometimes succeed.


My race carrier

The first race I attended was back in 2006, never driven a powerful V8 on a racetrack before, actually I was used to drive Peugeot's and Polos and that could even be too much of a handful. So very excited to see how racing was done, seems simple enough, straight line and and automatic transmission, what could go wrong.........

The Yellow in the good old days

The Yellow Camaro has been transformed over the years, from a Motion Clone with a 427 bigblock over to something rather psychedelic in Tore's hands and then back to relative stock when Karl Erik owned the car, always been yellow though, or yellowish........


American Muscle

Classic Cars and Muscle cars owned by friends, among other Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, Mustangs, Torinos, El Caminos and more.

Also cool Camaros from the web, read about the first generation Camaros in the Trans Am Series 67 - 69.

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