Two Shed Divers favorit dive spots

Manado, Malapascua, Pescador, Moalboal, Panglao, Camiguin, Duka.


The Nudibranch Divemaster.

Any dive with the nudi branch master is a good dive. Here is the master at work, that is his attention is drawn away from the seabed and rocks (in the everlasting search for new species of nudi branches), but of course it only lastest for so long time it took to get the picture taken - then back to his usual style - vertical in the water, feet up and with the nose and eyes planted as close to the rock as possible :o)



Camiguin Island.

Close up of large black frogfish



Camiguin has evolved to great place to go diving and it defentiately deserves its ranking as No. 7 on the 12 best dive places in the Philippines.
My Favorit spots are White Island (where this huge frogfish was captured), Mantigue Island the Sanctuary, Jigdup Reef and Old Vulcano. Things to see includes turtles, frog fish, nudibranches, schools of trevalleys, big mounth mackerels, chubs, baracudas, sweetlips, ribbon eels, garden eels, muray eels, tuna, wahoo etc. etc. etc.  

And Camiguin has it all, sandy slopes, walls, drift dives, canyons, vulcanos, shoals and even sunken cemetarys.





"Our own backyard" dive spot in Duka Bay keeps surprising us - where else can you jump in 30 feet of water directly down to a huge school of Big Eye trevalleys and stay with the school for as long as you want ?? Suddenly a world class dive spot. This picture taken with my now handicapped (broken LCD screen) Canon Ixus 400 on Sunday August 1. 2004. We stayed with the school for about 20 minutes and got some good close up pictures and small video films as well. Truly close encounter with fish that is usually quite shy and doesn't approach divers easily - an amazing sight when the whole school is coming towards you and splits up to pass you left, right, top, bottom - everywhere. 

Click on image for larger view



The Baracuda dive on Baracuda point in Manado Indonesia is still one of the best dives ever. The crystal clear water with 30m + visibility is a divers dream. The strong current that always sweeps along the walls and rocks of Baracuda point proved to be quite a challenge and it forced us to stay to the rock and use our arms on the last meters to reach the schooling baracudas - but it was definitely worth the effort.



Whitetip and Blacktip Sharks.


It is always exciting to dive with sharks and in Manado we can no longer count how many sharks we saw. On a single dive we could see as many as 7 different blacktip and whitetip sharks. Mostly under 2 meters. It is pretty impressive when you haven't seen one before and you have to admire these beautiful underwater hunters - and it can still get the pulse up when you see one.  



Mantique Island just off the coast of Camiguin is famous for its crystal clear waters and its amazing white beach which covers the whole circumference of the Island. The Island is quite small and the walk around the island takes 15 - 20 minutes. During this easter we visited the island and of course brought along our dive equipment. Grace, Bent and I had a very nice dive seeing cuttlefish, giant clamps and lots and lots of fish on the steep slopes or walls of Mantique. Part of the islands surrounding water is a marine sanctuary and her we have seen eagle rays before - but not this time. The sanctuary was only set up in 2001, but already now a huge difference from before can be seen - large schools of many different kids of fish are present now.

This beautiful linofish was captured on our last divetrip there with Mantangale Dive Resort. Click on image for larger view.






Duka Bay is Two Shed Divers most visited divespot and therfore a place in top ten is only natural. In the waters of Duka we often see muray eels, hawksbill and green sea turtles - in fact the beach is a nesting ground for these gentle creatures, Schools of Jacks and Baracudas, batfish, snappers, triggerfish, stingrays, lionfish, sweetlips and nudibranches. There is also underwater freshwatersprings where the water is so fresh you can drink it. Duka Bay is located less than an hours drive from our home.


The Baracuda dive in Divers Heaven, Balicasag Island at Panglao Bohol in the Philippines was also a very good dive with tousands of schooling Baracudas. And it was a much easier dive than the one in Indonesia because there was no current and it was in shallow water of only 30 feet. 



Malapascua and Gato Island.


Malapascua Island offered different but very interesting diving. The Island is famous for its Tresher Sharks on Monad Shoal. Monad Shoal is an underwater island with the top at approx. 25 meters depth. Tresher sharks come here to get cleaned by the cleaning wrasses and the shark has a very distinct and characteristic tail and are easy to differ from other sharks. Gato Island offered "underwater spelunkin", as you can dive right through the island. The passage or caves has two large spaces with airpockets above sheltering lots of bats. Also in the caves where white tip and nurse sharks and we were lucky to swim through the island accompanied by a white tip shark - a very James Bond like dive and one of the best dives ever. 



I give you a clue - the fish is yellow. And NO, the picture is not upside down. Frogfish are strange blobby creatures coming in different colours and on Pescador Island we saw black, white and yellow species of frog fish.